Round 2

Donington Park

12-13 June

1st R1: Peter Fisk (550 Maranello) / R2: Wayne Marrs (355/Ch)/ R3: Peter Fisk (550 Maranello)
2nd R1: Wayne Marrs (355/Ch) / R2: Peter Fisk (550 Maranello)/ R3: Tris Simpson (355/Ch)
3rd R1: Tim Mogridge (355/Ch) / R2: Tim Mogridge (355/Ch)/ R3: Tim Mogridge (355/Ch)
report by William Moorwood
photography by FNE photographers, William Moorwood

Something of a short report as the selected writer found himself without time to gather all the information together. Suffice it to say the weekend was a success with some warm if not positively hot weather making a nice change from the first meeting of the season.

The standout performance came from Peter Fisk and his 550 Maranello. A lot of time and effort has been spent to make this car quick and reliable and he came away with two wins. A win in the second race was also possible but for the imposition of success ballast. From my point of view at the back of the field it was very impressive to see the close racing between Marrs in his 355/Ch and the 550. It seemed in the first race that some high quality defensive driving ensured the win and the second win was achived with greater ease.

It was good to see Nick and Jim Cartwright attending their first race meeting of the season. Nick was overcome with the heat in his 328 GTB  but soon recovered after some medical attention. Jim in his 328 GTB could continue his rivalry with Chris Butler also in his 328 GTB. For one and half races they were totally inseperable until an electrical gremlin let Butler down.

Colin Sowter (348/Ch) had three group wins, so too did Jago Keen in his 308 GTB.

Len Watson has both raced and hill climbed his 308 GTB over the years but made the decision that it was time to hang up his racing boots. I, with many others, much enjoyed his presence in the paddock and he will be missed but thank you for some very competitive racing.

We are lucky to have access to some high quality images thanks to the photographers arranged by FNE, so thanks very much to them.

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