Round 3


26th and 27th June

1st R1: Wayne Marrs (355 Ch) / R2: James Little (355 Ch)/ R3: James Little (355 Ch)
2nd R1: Jim Cartwright (328 GTB) / R2: Tris Simpson (355 Ch)/ R3: Tris Simpson (355 Ch)
3rd R1: Peter Fisk (550 M'llo) / R2: Jim Cartwright (328 GTB)/ R3: Tim Walker (355 Ch)
report by Tris Simpson
photography by Mixed Bag Photography,Richard Dredge and Karen Edney

Thanks to Tris Simpson for providing the report which I have not attempted to edit other than clarifying a few names and tipos.

Following a fabulous trip to Croft in 2019 I was delighted to see the Club setup the Ferrari Club Competizione event for 2021.  Only 45 mins drive for me, instead of the 3 hour minimum I’m used to.

Practice and Qualifying gave me the opportunity to inspect the wheat crop at Tower on two occasions, first time just missing the marshals on the exit, and the second I took a leisurely tour through the field.  Thankfully the removal of wheat was much easier than the usual gravel extraction Dave and Ryan have been laboured with over the past few events as I get used to the new car.

After that off in Qualifying I didn’t manage to get a lap in on the drying track and dropped down the field to 5th on the grid, with Darren Mills alongside me in 6th also in a 355/Ch.

James Little showed his intent with Pole ahead of Wayne, Moggy (AKA Tim Mogridge) in 355s and Pete Fisk in his 550.

Jim Cartwright had the pace of the 328s with Andy Riddoch very close behind much to his delight.  William Moorwood was a happy boy placing his GT4 ahead of Tim Walker’s 355 and Jago’s 308.  I didn’t see Tim put that on Facebook mind……

Race 1 – Wet

Race 1 was very much wet, and I discovered my de-mist fans didn’t!  The screen needed constant attention on the straights, so my mind was just keep it clean and bring her home.  James Little didn’t make the grid due to an alternator issue.

Jim Cartwright’s 328 GTB had a great start and was fighting with the 550 and 355s.  Moggy scored a high 7 for his artistic spinning as good as any Red Bull X-Games champion.  I kept Jim and Pete in view for much of the race, however missed my breaking into the left of (can’t remember but before the two hairpins) and this time kissed the barrier with the front right corner.  Damn.

Butler in his 328 GTB was catching as the rain increased and was battling with Moggy and Fisk, finishing close together, with Myles Poulton and Nick Cartwright also fighting to the line in their 328s.  Darren took it carefully in his return to the track and brought it home in perfect condition

Great result for Wayne, James and Fisk in the 550.

My mechanics Ryan and Dave, with gaffer tape supplied by Barry, managed to make a bumper shape out of the bits of fibreglass recovered from the tyres on track before it was beer-o-clock and the on-site entertainment.  Thanks for the FOC for such a great evening. Everybody loved the added facilities and entertainment.

Race 2 – Drying

A drying track definitely got the grid excited.  On the first lap I managed to take James into the first turn behind Wayne, Moggy and Fisk and had good drive through the chicane to enter the straight on the bumper of Fisk’s 550, however once he opened the taps he stormed forward towards Moggy.  Unfortunately he tried to go to Moggy’s left at the kink and clipped his nearside rear, pushing them both along the barrier and into the corner at speed.  I immediately lifted, not wanting to join the incident, and James, unsighted, shot down the inside to a screen full of debris.  I backed right off expecting a red flag, however a safety car was deployed.

Behind me Darren took notes from his old instructor Walker and went through the gravel at turn 1, to avoid a flying Rees (328 GTB) and Sowter (348/Ch).  Following behind Butler into Tower he slowed right down.  Walker, seeing the green flag after the incident decided to make the most of it and leapfrogged both Darren and Chris before the Red flag was finally given.

At the restart Wayne decided it was time to pull off with a power issue before the grid reformed.  James pulled a nice gap and I followed him home in second, just happy to be running.   Jim C managed to keep ahead of Tim W followed by a battling Butler and Sowter followed by similarly battling Riddoch and Taylor.

Race 3 – Dry

A dry track and James and I had a great battle for the first few laps before we lapped William.   I had the pace through the chicane onto the back straight, plus Sunny in and out.   James had the pace out of Tower and the final hairpin.   However once James pulled a gap passing the lapped cars he retained it to the line.

Darren, starting 12th enjoyed his flight up to 9th and Tim W similar from 7th to 3rd ahead of Jim C and Sowter. Myles was losing cylinders and power, so was a DNF alongside Andy Riddock and Jago.

So another action packed trip to Croft, with a few incidents we wish we could forget.  I do hope we return as it’s a fantastic event and I know the Club members enjoyed it and will be back to support the racing.



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