Round 5 & 6


1st R1: Lucky Khera / R2: Lucky Khera
2nd R1: Johannes Sikkens / R2: Johannes Sikkens
3rd R1: Paul Hogarth / R2: Paul Hogarth
report by Corse Clienti
photography by Corse Clienti

Lucky Khera wins the fifth race of the season, with Graham Jamie Thwaites winning in the Coppa Shell.

Fifth Win. Lucky Khera (Graypaul Birmingham) converted his fifth pole position of the season into his fifth win, producing a storming drive to continue his domination of the Ferrari Challenge UK 2020 season.

Trofeo Pirelli. The drivers provided exciting action right from the start, as H. Sikkens (H.R. Owen London) and Paul Hogarth (Stratstone Manchester) reacted quickly at the start to pull alongside Khera, going into the first corner three wide. Khera managed to hold them off however, and started to pull away at the front and Sikkens and Hogarth battled with each other. This battle continued throughout the race, allowing Khera to extend his lead and take a comfortable victory, with Sikkens managing to hold onto to second place ahead of Hogarth in third.

Coppa Shell. Jamie Thwaites (JCT600 Brooklands Leeds) was the class of the Coppa Shell field in the absence of class-leader Graham de Zille, who is not racing this weekend. Thwaites made a brilliant start, and managed to pull away from the action behind him early on, driving a solid race to take his first victory of the season in the Coppa Shell. Behind him, thrilling duels for the remaining two podium places took place throughout the first half of the race, with Paul Simmerson (Graypaul Birmingham) charging through in the early stages to pass Paul Rogers (JCT600 Brooklands Leeds) and Gary Redman (Graypaul Nottingham). Simmerson couldn’t find his way past Alex Moss (Graypaul Birmingham), however, with Moss hanging onto to second place, in front of Simmerson in third.

Lucky Khera comes from the back of the grid to win the sixth race of the season, with Jamie Thwaites winning in the Coppa Shell.

Sixth Win. Lucky Khera (Graypaul Birmingham) came from last on the grid to storm through the field and claim his sixth win in six races this season.

Trofeo Pirelli. H. Sikkens (H.R. Owen London) and Paul Hogarth (Stratstone Manchester) both got away well at the start to go into the first corner neck and neck, with Sikkens just about remaining in front, with Hogarth on his tail for the opening laps. Sikkens gradually managed to pull away further on in the race, as Hogarth tried to defend from a surging Lucky Khera (Graypaul Birmingham), who carved his way through to field from the back of the grid to catch the leaders. After passing Hogarth, Khera then set his sights on Sikkens, getting past him at Stowe to take the lead, only for Sikkens to get back past. Khera made his next move stick, however, and pulled away from Sikkens to take a comfortable victory despite starting from last place.

Coppa Shell. Jamie Thwaites (JCT600 Brooklands Leeds) drove another impressive race to convert his pole position into his second Coppa Shell win of the weekend, after building a healthy advantage throughout the race, to finish ahead of Alex Moss (Graypaul Birmingham), who also produced a great drive to come home in second place. Despite being spun round on the first lap to be left trailing behind the rest of the field, Paul Simmerson (Graypaul Birmingham) showed fantastic pace to work his way back through the field, eventually coming home in third place to claim his second podium of the weekend.


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