The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

New Wheels For 355

Our original 355 Challenge wheels are now well over 20yrs old. Being Magnesium they are difficult and expensive to repair. Good ones are also quite hard to find these days with accompanying price tags. In hard racing use over many years they can crack and go out of true. With our 355 Challenge cars becoming so popular this problem could only get worse as time went on. Fortunately original manufacturer Speedline have come to our aid with an acceptable alternative. Working with great encouragement from Tim Walker they are producing a batch of wheels to original Challenge specifications albeit in a different style and material. The only alteration being a slight change to the offset of the front wheel only to accommodate clearance of the Challenge caliper.

These attractive wheels will be available exclusively from Walkersport at a discounted rate for registered competitors. Please contact Tim at Walkersport and get your order in.

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