The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

New Cars for 2018

With the price of genuine 355 Challenge cars going completely GaGa it’s about time that someone thought out of the box. And now they have. Take a standard road 355 and convert it to racing – easy – and an enormous saving over a Challenge car.

The silver car in the photo is being prepared to race as a standard road car, like the old “O” class. Anyone who remembers Fred Moss racing a standard 355 some years ago will remember how effective these can be. Compared to an original Challenge car they have the same weight by our regulations, same power, same tyres, same gearbox etc. It’s a bit of a no-brainer surely? There is also a red car that has been prepared to Challenge specification which is ready to go testing in early February. It also started life as a road car. We wish the new driver the very best of luck and look forward to welcoming him onto the grid.

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