The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Getting Close

With just three weeks to our test and media day at Silverstone our race season is nearly upon us, and thank goodness for that. Time perhaps to welcome a new driver to our formula classic series. This very smart 328 GTB will be raced by new owner Darren Mills. Darren is new to racing and has recently passed his ARDS test. The car has a bit more experience being Ex. Tim Walker. Tim had a lot of success with the car in Group 3 a while back. We wish Darren lots of luck in his first season and look forward to meeting him at Silverstone.

In other news we hear that Andy Christopher will be seen not only in his 430 but also in the 308 GTB that he raced many years ago. The car has been finished after a lengthy rebuild by Bell Classics and is set to make limited appearances this year. There are several drivers with cars in both formula classic & FCR and indeed we know one with cars suitable for these and the FNE series as well! Could be a busy year for some.

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