The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Ferrari Racing Virtual

We may not be able to get our Ferrari racing fix for a while in the real world, but maybe we can take a lead from Formula 1 and go virtual. Our own classic racer Tris Simpson has been into simulator racing games for a while and has an excellent rig at home. The photo shows his 355 Challenge car in its virtual world. Fellow racers Darren Mills and Carl Cavers are also preparing their’s. If enough of us got together maybe there is a race ahead? I’m sure that Tris can advise on suitable kit which need not be expensive. Tris’s contact details are on the main website as the North East area group organiser.

Keep well, stay safe and do let us have any items of news that may be of interest to all. Fingers crossed for at least Brands Hatch in July and the best paddock party ever!



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