The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Getting Started

PFHC-getting-started-bannerYou will need a Competiton License

These are issued by the Motorsporst Association (MSA), and your first licence will be a Non Race National B. This will cover all events that you may wish to enter, and neither a medical examination nor ARDS training course is required. There are some simple questions on your medical history for obvious reasons, but basically all you have to do is fill in the application form and send it off with the necessary payment. Call the MSA on 01753 765000 for your form or download from the MSA website.

A Race Helmet is mandatory

This must conform to the MSA Blue Book section K.10. You will receive a Blue Book  the MSA “bible” that covers all the relevant motorsport regulations with your new licence. A suitable helmet can be obtained from any of the retailers specialising in race equipment, at prices from around £70 to several hundred pounds.

A Race Suit is mandatory

This must be of a recognised standard meeting MSA requirements  the Blue Book details what is required. Section K.9 covers clothing and though not essential, it is a good idea to have a vest and socks made from similar material. Prices for the suits vary from around £85 to hundreds of pounds. You will automatically receive catalogues from the retailers after applying for your competition licence, and these will show the range of clothing available.

MSA Approved Gloves

Gloves are also mandatory and these must be flame resistant see K.14.3(e). Race boots whilst not mandatory, are recommended.

A Timing Strut

Must be fitted to the front of your car when competing. It should be matt black, around 250mm x 50mm, and with the bottom 200mm from the ground (as described in S10.9 of the Blue Book). These cannot be bought, but are very simple to make out of strips of aluminium, and easy to both fix and remove from the car at the meeting. (Those already competing will always give advice on how to fix struts to the different Ferraris).

Seat/Safety Belts

Road registered cars are permitted to compete with lap and diagonal belts, but a four point full harness is worth investing in, not just for the increased safety, but for holding the driver more securely in place at the higher cornering speeds likely when competing.

Fire Extinguishers

These are not mandatory, as the event marshalls have proper fire fighting equipment. They are however required for club Track Days so it is still a good idea to have one installed in your Ferrari.

Car Preparation

This is minimal assuming your car is properly serviced and roadworthy. Modern tyres are needed if you want to be competitive. Recent tipos from F355 onwards have to be to original manufacturer specification  the only changes allowed are those related to safety. More detail can be obtained from Richard Prior email

Wear & Tear

Surprisingly not a lot, with tyres the main consumables. If you take part regularly rear tyres will do at least a couple of seasons and fronts up to five, though you can halve this if you do all the rounds and are out to win! Brake pads will last the same as for normal road use, and clutches need not be a problem. My own 1994 F355, after many track days in the early years, has done countless hillclimbs since and still has the original clutch.

Event Entering

You need to enter each event in the calendar that you plan to do a couple of months beforehand – leave it late and you may not get an entry. Entry fees are usually circa £100, though the second round in 2015 at Bouley Bay in Jersey is remarkably free of any charge.

Anything else?

You will need some commitment as early morning starts are usually necessary. This is a road car series and you have to drive your Ferrari to and from the meeting as trailers are not permitted. You also need to eye ball check your car over beforehand and make up your competition number door panels. These are provided, but you are allocated a different number for each meeting. Once you arrive in the paddock you will find the Ferrari competitors are very helpful and the cameraderie is second to none – you will soon be hooked!

You want to get started?

It is necessary to register for the Championship if you wish to join the PFHC in 2015. The Championship CoOrdinator Anne Swift will help you do this. Anne can easily be contacted at or tel 01757 702053.

If you have any queries regarding your cars suitability please contact the Championship organiser Richard Prior